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Golf 2018

Endless furnishing solutions for every need.

Let yourself be surprised by the great selection, the easy communication and the endless customization possibilities. With Golf there is the possibility of mixing different products and creating a tailor-made project that meets the three main needs of all customers: Style, Space and Cost.
The novelties in Golf are many and it is above all the colour palette that has undergone a significant reinterpretation. Thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes you can now reproduce at best the client’s taste and find many new possible combinations.

The new essences Ciliegio Bianco and Ciliegio Nordico and the new colours Grigio Titanio and Orchidea, are to be added to the already wide selection, making the personalization possibilities of every home area even richer. The fresh and bright tones of these material finishes are perfectly matched to the new shades of fabrics and faux leather, a new range of upholstery that perfectly meets the latest market demands.
Among the latest novelties in the world of bedrooms the new CLICK hidden bed and desk definitely stands out, a space-saving furniture solution designed for smaller rooms and even master bedrooms. The folding bed and the extractable writing desk, once closed, integrate perfectly with the other furnishing elements as well as with the INFINITY Library System, modular elements that adapt to the home area, providing an excellent living and home-office solution.

The bookcase compositions are now distinguished by the presence of the new overlapping and receding doors, creating a suspended containment area, that’s aesthetic is defined by the mix of full and empty space and by the different heights of the elements the compose it. Partition solutions in the center of the room separate each area and are integrated with the suspended bookcases and modular storage units.

The GOLF program offers compositional solutions with a refined taste for the furnishing of private living spaces, but also is ideal for hotels and residences, giving life to a living area that welcomes visitors and puts them at ease.
The furnishing solutions are perfect for any environment, even for shops and spaces open to the public. Thanks to the versatility and elegance of the numerous elements that compose it, GOLF is able to meet all design requirements.

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