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Midacharme: the classic par excellence is renewed

The details are the secret of its beauty

The details are the secret of its beauty, in a classic but always current style: what used to be only functional is now also tasteful.

The traditional soul of Midacharme is expressed by the 5 new wood finishes. The 4 Decapè lacquered doors, with upright frame and ash wood crossings, in the Naturale Avorio, Naturale Bianco, Naturale Dorian and Naturale Verde finishes, together with the new solid Oak door in Rovere Crudo, are the expression of a classic style that is also eclectic. A more personalized kitchen model thanks to the use of the new Barber and Valle handles and the equipped open unit with glass door that is refined in every detail: from the inside with the slatted back to the glass shelves. Another important new feature is the new hood unit, with foldout downstand and open compartments that are perfect to enrich even the most functional areas.

Using advanced volumes when furnishing can make your kitchen ever more dynamic and ergonomic. Optional accessories, such as the "onion" foot for base units, are useful to emphasize the traditional soul of this kitchen. Plate racks, cornices and open wall units are all functional components, revisited in a classical style. Midacharme is a model that lends itself and perfectly covers 3 distinct styles:

CLASSIC : A style that focuses on the warmth of the wood. The beauty of this type of furniture lies in the naturalness and warmth that it creates. Furniture of this kind evokes a unique family feeling but also a home area of great formality. Usually, this style is often chosen for furnishing rustic environments.

INDUSTRIAL-CLASSIC : An old-time shop. The trend of the moment revisited in a classical way . The industrial style is reinterpreted and softened in its tones, warmed up by the framed door, and brought to a more homely dimension. The architectural concept of ‘industrial recovery’ is abandoned to make room for a more modern home concept and open-space areas that are distinguished by the reduced use of wall units.

COSMOPOLITAN-CLASSIC: A cooler classic that has an international feel. For this stylistic variation, the volumes create complex and elegant compositions, while retaining the simple vocation of a framed door with central panel. Glass cabinets, windows and wall units that characterize the kitchen environment that interacts with living room thanks to the sideboards it uses.

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