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A kitchen of many styles

When contemporary style draws from the past, highly distinctive furnishing systems are created, perfect for highlighting the features of any room. You will be surprised to discover how a kitchen can be both trendy and traditional at the same time.
In open space settings, Riviera makes the most of all the elements available in the furnishing system creating a functional and dramatic kitchen, which integrates seamlessly with the living room furnishings.
To create a natural partition between the kitchen and living area Riviera shows how to use the Library 30 from the Vitalyty collection, allowing the construction of made-to-measure structures and giving life to a more personal and functional project.

The finishes are the standout features in a kitchen’s look: the distinctive framed wood-effect doors, in the finishes Larice Bianco, Rovere Spaccato Naturale and Noce Champagne, bring a natural atmosphere to the home. The classic framed door has been given cleaner lines by adding a groove handle: here, in particular, the contemporary design and international inspiration of Riviera are showcased.
The secret behind creating a traditional setting that also fits perfectly in a modern space lies in the combination of the elements. Riviera can be both contemporary and romantic. With this kitchen it is possible to create various styles:

NEO CLASSIC INDUSTRIAL: A cabinet door with or without a frame? Openings with or without handles? Wood or lacquer finish? We advise you to mix these all together to find the perfect industrial style, both in the kitchen and the living room.

COUNTRY NORIDIC: The Nordic style is interpreted through the frame and the strong presence of light wood coupled with mono-lacquered glossy finishes.

NATURAL: The wood-effect finishes are softened by the use of neutral tones, giving the whole area a more warm atmosphere and leading it away from the rustic feel.

CONTEMPORARY YOUNG: a modern and fresh home area, an open space where the Vitalyty library 30 can be used as a partition wall dividing the 2 areas: the cooking and washing area and the living room.

CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY: The schemes of a pure classic kitchen are broken by the choosing to use two colors in a composition that has a classic feel, featuring elements such as the cornice, bottle-holder base unit and wall-units with framed glass doors.

Simplicity and modularity are closely linked concepts when it comes to creating and not just furnishing!

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