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Vitalyty Sogno 3.0

The new Sogno 3.0 collection leads us to discover the elements that make a room unique

The inspiration stems from a gesture, words on a piece of paper, an old-fashioned symbol embodying ideas and emotions. Each element of the Vitalyty Sogno collection still captures this power of expression, highlighting the strength and character of every room.
The new Sogno 3.0 collection leads us to discover the elements that make a room unique and that evoke a new take on the bedroom. An elegant, highly personal setting where light and shadows outline the volumes, although it is the wood and the elegant nuances of lacquered colours that make it truly unique.

Among the many novelties the groups of dressers and bedside tables really stand out, where with the Onda group we can enjoy the contrasts of linear and sinuous geometries while with Touch Fashion we see a handle grip cut directly in the fronts. Other interesting details are found in the Soul group, where the drawers of different thicknesses create a real game of colors and in the Oliver group with its curved lines and refined details.
A constantly evolving collection which fits perfectly into and enhances any setting. A modular design conceived to create a unique and tailor-made configuration yet giving you the utmost versatility in the choice of internal fittings and accessories.

The doors, coated in elegant wood or coloured lacquer finishes, take centre stage, stamping their unmistakable mark on the look of the room. Inserts, handles, applications and special finishes enhance the
overall look without altering its simplicity and elegance. These are the factors which influence the development of the wardrobe collection right from the design phase and will stamp their mark on the spaces they grace. Elegant details that can be found in the new hinged door wardrobes such as Fashion and Elegant with their integrated handle grip, or the sliding-door wardrobes such as Axis Techno, that can mix multiple textures and finishes, creating a true game of colours.

Everything is then completed by Idea, the already well-known and rich collection of decorative elements and furnishing complements that has recently been expanded with the introduction of around 190 products and new proposals for tables and chairs. Creating solutions that are ever more appealing in their price!
You can now create stylishly homogenous settings thanks to finishes that are also present in the Vitalyty, Artec and Golf collections and also thanks to the same Sofup sofa coverings.

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