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10 ideas to decorate your kids' room

Looking for some original ideas to decorate the kids’ bedroom? Colorful, romantic, fun, space-saving: here are the most fashionable ideas to decorate your children’s bedroom from 0 to 18 years old!

1. A romantic room for your baby

If you love white and Provencal style, here is a solution for you. A cot with guards, a small wardrobe, and a practical chest of drawers for clothes that turns quickly into a comfortable changing table.

camere bambini baby AC243 Lineare

2. A modular bed for the growth

3 beds in one: a small cot with changing table for the first few months of life that grows with him to become a single size bed. A convenient idea that decorates your baby’s room from birth to adolescence.

infantiles y juveniles dormitorios infantiles Baby Tórtola Lineal

3. A small kids’ bedroom with overhead wardrobe

You have a little space available but many things to store? Choose the solution with overhead wardrobe! This way, you can choose the bed you prefer, without sacrificing the convenience of a very spacious wardrobe.

infantiles y juveniles dormitorios juveniles Overhead Púrpura Lineal

4. Your daughter’s room in shabby chic style

If you like Northern European style bedrooms, this room is for you. The bed with upholstered headboard hides a large container, while the second wrought iron bed has a vintage feel. The desk is large and spacious, ready to accommodate two chairs. The corner wardrobe combines vintage style and practicality.

infantiles y juveniles dormitorios juveniles Arcadia Kids Blanco Lineare3

5. A colorful children's room with a large desk to study

When children grow up and start going to school, we need a lot of space for books, without sacrificing toys for their free time. This colorful bookcase is perfect for storing books and toys, while the large corner desk is perfect for their study time.

infantiles y juveniles dormitorios infantiles Kids Naranja Lineare3

6. A modular space-saving solution for the kids' bedroom

A truly innovative idea to organize your space at best: the bed is suspended and leaves plenty of space for another bed, a desk or just to play. Kids love it!

infantiles y juveniles literas Happy Naranja Lineal

7. A colorful bunk bed for a lot of fun

Here is a solution that makes everyone happy: a bunk bed! Children love it because it's like a small playground, a castle where every day they can create new stories. Parents will appreciate the functionality and the wide storage space available even in small rooms.

infantiles y juveniles literas Bunk Amarillo oro Lineare2

8. A shabby chic bunk bed

Looking for an original bunk bed? Choose the Provencal style. The comfort of the bunk bed without sacrificing design. Beautiful!

infantiles y juveniles literas Arcadia Ponti Azul Lineal

9. Wall stickers to decorate the children's room

If you want to give a personal touch to the room of the kids without changing the decor, opt for wall stickers for children. They come in all types, are inexpensive and allow you to decorate in an easy and fun way. They are also easy to detach and you can change them whenever you want!

vinilos decorativos y papel babies and kids tortora lineare Babies and Kids Lineal

10. A room for teenagers who want to be independent

Your children are now grown up and it's time to think about a new room for them? Get inspired by this room: young, colorful and with lots of space for storing their belongings. Success is guaranteed!

infantiles y juveniles dormitorios juveniles Young Amarillo Lineal

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