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Choosing a dishwasher

An appliance by now essential in every home, a dishwasher can adapt to all your requirements in terms of space, consumption and capacity, in a simple and intelligent way and be a true ally against the stress of everyday life.

Integrated dishwashers can be fully hidden away or with controls on display, which is a more practical option even though less stylish.
A fully integrated dishwasher can be housed inside a kitchen base unit or a tall unit.

Consider water consumption and noise , especially if it is installed in an open plan kitchen combined with a diner or lounge. If you have solar panels remember to choose a dishwasher that also offers the option of being connected up to hot water.

The capacity of dishwashers
This is expressed in terms of place settings. These usually range from 12 to 15 place settings, without needing to change the external dimensions of the machine.
The introduction of a third rack on mid-price brands and models too, makes it possible to purchase machines with high capacity but at a reasonable cost. The third rack is in fact used for cutlery, cups and kitchen utensils, leaving the lower rack free for pans and dishes. This leads to space optimisation when loading the dishwasher.
Some machines also actually have a larger rack made possible by a new design of the circuits that allows the bottom of the washer to be lowered, and thanks to doors with a recessed back.

Dishwasher programmes
One indispensible function if you are often away from home is delayed start, also useful for operating the machine during times when the electricity tariffs are cheaper, depending on your supplier. If you wash frequently with dishes that are not very dirty, check that the there is a daily quick programme available. Some of these run for only 30 minutes: you’ll find you end up using just this program.
Once you have checked the consumption, the noise, and the basic options, what is the essential requirement for a dishwasher? That it washes thoroughly! A dishwasher that washes thoroughly does not require any pre-washing by hand, other than for baked-on deposits. So if you want excellent results and no pre-washing, opt for an “intelligent” dishwasher : load the dishwasher, select the automatic programme and the machines decides what programme to use, the time, the temperature and the power of the water jets, depending on how dirty the dishes are. How does it do that? Simply by continuously measuring the level of turbidity of the water and monitoring any presence of undissolved particles. All the machine parameters are adjusted as a consequence: washing time, temperature and pressure of the water coming out of the jets.
The machine could, for example, decide on its own whether the water temperature needs increasing or whether a further rinse is necessary. In short, the pinnacle of simplicity.

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