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Choosing the oven

When choosing appliances it is always a good idea to match the style of a kitchen with its practicality, and this is even more important for the oven: space, consumption, safety, practicality, everything must be taken into consideration.

How to choose the most suitable oven for you and your kitchen?
The look of the appliances usually matches the style of the kitchen, but what features and functions must your oven have?
It depends on your kitchen and how they will be used.
First of all, if the oven is in a tall unit, a system that cools the outside of the oven will be essential, so that the adjacent fixtures do not become overheated.
Do you have children in the home? Check that the oven features include child safety, i.e. that the oven door is well cooled and never becomes too hot to touch.
Oven cleaning Do you hate cleaning the oven? The ideal solution is a pyrolytic oven which through the use of high temperatures reduces all the accumulated residue left in the oven to a pile of ash.
For a less expensive alternative, you can opt for an oven with the Aquaclean function: there is an area inside into which water can be poured; after cooking, a special cleaning programme will allow the food residue to be wiped off with a cloth. If the oven glass can be removed, cleaning really will be much simpler and quicker.
And the right size?
If you enjoy cooking for friends, relations or for your family, consider the capacity of the oven you choose.
The capacity of an oven is measured in litres, but the width of the oven should also be taken into account, given that very often just one level is used. In wider ovens the baking trays give up to 25% more surface area.
There are ovens that allow you to take advantage of multi-level cooking which makes it possible to cook different dishes at the same time with no intermingling of odours and flavours. This is enabled by a fan with heating elements behind it that capture and neutralise the odours coming from food.
In addition, if you are up to speed with the latest smartphone and tablet technology, you can opt for a touch control panel. The interfaces are very user friendly, but if you don’t feel fully at home with controls that are too innovative, for a modern, clean and elegant style why not opt for push-pull knobs, a system by which the knobs of your cooking hob will appear at the simple touch of a hand.

New types of cooking: the combination steam oven and vacuum cooking
The growing interest in high level cooking has brought the very latest technologies into our kitchens. The byword:combination steam cooking. This the real secret of the great chefs.
These are ovens that, as well as traditional cooking, can also cook with the addition of steam: steam and heat for excellent results. By adding water inside the oven, the steam cooks the outside of the food gently and evenly, while maintaining all of its natural flavour and juiciness. With the addition of steam the inside will always be soft and tender while outside it will be golden and crispy: bread, pizza, meat, fish and cakes.
Furthermore, with the automatic programmes cooking will become child’s play: just select the food to be cooked that’s it: the oven chooses the right settings itself.
Inoltre con i programmi automatici cucinare sarà un gioco da ragazzi: basta selezionare il cibo da cuocere ed è fatta: il forno sceglie da solo le impostazioni giuste.
More technology “stolen” from top class kitchens is vacuum cooking. This type of cooking makes it possible to cook with steam at low temperatures, preserving the consistency of the food, keeping it moist and full of original flavours. It’s simple: prepare the food to be cooked, seal it in a vacuum pack, put it in the oven and cook at a low temperature using a specific programme. Then just serve it up and amaze everyone.

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