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How to choose a cooking hob

A few practical tips to bear in mind when choosing the most suitable cooking hob for your kitchen while at the same time obtaining efficiency and speed, easy cleaning and optimising energy consumption... without sacrificing anything in terms of design!

Choosing a cooking hob
There are various types of cooking hob: gas electric glass ceramic hobs or induction glass ceramic.If you opt for a gas cooking hob you can choose between stainless steel, painted or glass, to match your kitchen. Here is some information and a few suggestions regarding energy consumption, costs and benefits of the different choices of hob.
Induction cooking hobs
Induction hobs are the best performers.
There are three reasons for choosing an induction hob:

  1. 1. Maximum efficiency: the heat is generated directly underneath the pan, without any dispersion, by means of an electromagnetic field. Energy consumption is optimised without any wastage.
  2. 2. Extremely quick: the induction heats up the bottom of the pan directly cutting down cooking times. It only take 3 minutes to boil 1 litre of water.
  3. 3. Easy to clean:the cooking hob stays cold and if any liquid spills over there is no risk of it burning or crystallising.

In addition, the cost of an induction hob is comparable to a design cooking hob.
As it does not run on gas it consumes electricity, so if your meter is 3kW you need an induction hob with a limiter. Furthermore, you will have to manage the simultaneous loads of the various appliances in the home, such as the oven, hair dryer, washing machine, etc.
Gas cooking hobs
If you are not yet ready for an induction hob, you can opt for a gas cooking hob with a direct flame burner. The flame of this new burner comes out of lots of tiny holes. Instead of wrapping around the pan the flame makes direct contact with the bottom of it, cutting down cooking times and reducing energy consumption by 20%.

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