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Refrigerator buying guide

Built-in or free standing? Larger or smaller capacity? How big should the freezer compartment be? Whichever you choose, always remember that the fridge is the only appliance that stays on all the time.

How to choose the refrigerator

The first choice to make is between a built-in, (or ‘integrated’) fridge or a free standing one. Not only does the appearance change but above all the capacity as well. Most built-in fridges are lower capacity than free standing ones, but there are: built-in refrigerators have actually become more capacious, because they are taller and use the space inside the unit better; in addition, freezers located under the refrigerator always offer a larger capacity than those situated above.

Technical features and new storage technologies

Remember that the refrigerator is the only appliance that stays on all the time. Therefore, consider the energy it uses and always check the energy rating. Just think that today a refrigerator in class A+++ has a similar consumption to an old light bulb. It has also been discovered that, being preserved in the optimum way, food lasts much longer. The new technologies improve the preservation of fresh food such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Some refrigerators, for example, release molecules of active oxygen O3, the same molecule that in nature is released in great quantity after storms and that makes the air clean and fresh. In this way they guarantee the food stays as fresh as the first day until day 9; there are 90% less bacteria and 70% fewer unpleasant smells.

Other refrigerators instead guarantee better food preservation by electronic control of the humidity, which must be between 65% and 90%, otherwise the food dries out and withers away more quickly. In addition, the dry air coming from the freezer cools the refrigerator compartment.

Lastly, some refrigerators have two separate dedicated cooling systems for the fridge and the freezer. The refrigerator is not therefore in direct connection with the freezer, and each one has the optimum humidity level. In these fridges defrosting the freezer will no longer be a nightmare.

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