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New Eresem: 8 unique ideas

Eresem makes everything easier

Versatile, functional, colorful and suitable for assiduous and intensive use, but that can also be distinguished with the passage of time. The kid's bedrooms are, unlike what you might think, anything but easy to furnish.
Eresem makes everything easier, here are eight ideas to be inspired by:

  1. The coloured door Strappo, the Limousine bed and the Snake hanging modules that design the walls, all making space for fun;
  2. Flashes of colour light up the Teorema door, available in 10 different coloUrs that match the accessories;
  3. Space problems? Revolution is the solution, available with bed width 90 or 120 cm;
  4. The suspended desk Alpa optimizes the space and is available in different configurations;
  5. It is possible to use together the Mask hanging cubes and handles, perfectly coordinated in their design;
  6. The vitamin-colored Shadow bed makes every room dynamic and cheerful;
  7. The corner mezzanine Air has a bookshelf ladder where to store toys and books;
  8. With the Expilon equipped system you will find creative solutions to optimize space and put everything in its place.

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