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A creative concentrate of volumes and shapes

Lungomare is not a simple kitchen, but a creative concentrate of volumes and shapes. Perfect for open space areas thanks to the living room elements that are integrated into the system, but also ideal for small home areas, allowing you to design your own kitchen and living room concept in a very personal way. The design of Lungomare is rigorous and leaves room for colours and finishes, a broad palette inspired by the new furniture trends.

The introduction of protruding monolithic elements and the possibility to mix and match different heights and depths allow you to design while imagining and realizing very unique solutions. The Lytos block is the characteristic element of the range, perfect for creating dynamic furniture that cut out new containment spaces and create original designs.
The Lytos block has various configuration possibilities and can be used for example to emphasize and embellish the two most important functional areas of the kitchen: the area dedicated to cooking and that to washing.

The Lungomare colour range consists of glossy mono-lacquers, matt lacquers and wood effect, full colour and concrete effect melamine finishes. In addition to the classic white structure, the steel-gray coloured variant is now also available.
The open elements are the stylistic code of contemporary furniture and are essential to make the living and kitchen areas communicate with each other better. The structures, which make up the base units, allow you to create various configurations with worktops at different heights, just as you can do with the wall units, combining open elements and lowered modules.

The Lungomare kitchen can be integrated with all the living area systems signed by the Colombini Group. For example, the Library 30 collection by Vitalyty proposes various room-dividing bookcase solutions that suggest the creation of architectural quarters that are ideal for the kitchen and living room to discreetly communicate with each other, being able to offer an interesting arrange of finishes available in both collections.
In contemporary homes, even furnishings typically dedicated to the living area become an integral part of the kitchen where, today more than ever, aesthetics are as important as functionality.
Colombini Casa products are, as always, an ideal compromise between aesthetics and practicality.

Classic and modern, prestigious and accessible, adjectives that can coexist in harmony giving amazing results. These binomials are dedicated to those who are never satisfied and always aim for more.

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