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Plan your space with us through the new Infinity system

An exceptionally versatile side panel system, designed to respond to every kind of need.

INFINITY can be integrated with our modular units, creating solutions that are always different in which all the main focus is on the design.
The back panels of the bookcase and DOCKS elements, create attractive juxtapositions of volumes.

Suspended customised compositions with sliding doors equipped with soft-close opening and closing mechanisms.
A bed with elements in heartwood shown here in Portofino Oak, the INFINITY system and the very solid PODIO desk, available in 12 colour options, for a children’s bedroom with strong tonal colours, but extremely versatile in terms of use and suitable for all ages.
The new CLUB wardrobe, with a basic and elegant design because of the new full length GOLA handle available in three different finishes: White, Aluminium and Cinnamon.
Room dividers: the INFINITY system is the ideal solution for dividing up spaces and for creating two functional and separate study areas.
The new LOVE bed from the MUVI range, is available with different finishes and colours or in matching colours. The safety of those using it is guaranteed by its rounded lines.
The sliding-door wardrobe is available in a new variant, TETRIS, a new door designed to customise the wardrobe to the maximum, intended as an authentic item of furnishing.

Modular wall mounted units and the new INFINITY, system, together in a series of innovative solutions that make the mix of volumes and colours their main feature.

There is no single way of furnishing a bedroom, because GOLF is a series that offers a vast range of elements suitable for customising each individual layout.
The GOLF double bedroom collection takes on a new kind of charm:
New beds, groups and materials designed for every type of room.

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