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New Quadra : Contemporary and Practical

Because modernity rhymes with practicality.

This is contemporary kitchen that knows how to interpret all current trends and the functional needs of today's homes. Because modernity rhymes with practicality.
Quadra's character interprets the urban style as complementarity of rigorous forms and natural finishes. Here, where simplicity commands, you can find true elegance.
The Total handle system is a defining element, a decisive element for underlining the contemporary style of Quadra.
The living area is a unique space that can be furnished in perfect continuity thanks to the style of the furnishings, but above all thanks to the shared finishes of the living area and kitchen ranges.
The kitchen trends are expressed mainly through the use of accessories and color. To discover the trendy essence of Quadra one must let themselves be taken over by global inspirations.
Technology and elegance can coexist thanks to elements such as the worktop in Okite® Nero Reale that combines strength and beauty.
For those who dream of a cooking hob on the island or peninsula, without installing a hood in the middle of the room, there is the new all-in-one worktop Nikolates prime by Elica with a suction system that is integrated in the induction hob.
In a vintage-inspired kitchen or simply in a home area that’s loudly inspired by the past, Quadra supports every creative choice with the discretion of its forms.

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