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Paragon: rigore e raffinatezza

A kitchen devoted to functionality, but also aesthetics

Paragon is a kitchen devoted to functionality, but also aesthetics. The simplicity of its urban feel leaves room to freely create a unique environment, which is inspired by its own way of being and home life-style.
The new trends speak for themselves: winning on the color front is a neutral and delicate color palette, the return of wood and some glass details. The result is a piece of furniture that allows you to free your imagination by using complements and accessories.
Open elements, independent modules and appliances can help achieve an industrial effect. Now Paragon has found a perfect ‘loft’ style thanks to the use of steel and material finishes.

The soft lines are the stylistic code of this model: we find them on the door front and the range of handles. Rediscovering this sinuous character in compositions that are more geometric lends a more balanced feel.
Even a modern kitchen can be romantic if chosen for the right area and personalized with the right finishes. Classic-contemporary is a super winning duo!
The iconic element of the Paragon kitchen is the dual-faced postformed door: a slight curvature that softens the front lines of this model.
Particular signs: precision and refinement.
Paragon knows how to transform itself thanks to its infinite range of elements and express itself best in the most pragmatic urban trends, both in the kitchen and living room.

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