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The Colombini Group climbs to 100

After 50 years of business, the Colombini Group doubles up and celebrates its first 100 showrooms.

As at today, 100 stands for the total number of flagship stores opened by the Colombini Group in Italy and worldwide. 100 one brand stores by a leading company in the furniture sector, boasting a distribution network in Italy and abroad - with Europe, China, America and the Middle East leading the way - through its brands Colombini Casa, Febal Casa and Rossana.
It is in fact in these different, yet complementary brands that the Group's strength lies: a versatile, complete, stylish offer, thanks to a vast range of solutions able to satisfy customer needs in terms of style, budget and design.
The high standard of work behind the research and development of these brands on the international market has led the Group to inaugurate its flagship Rossana store in London and the one brand Colombini Casa in Moscow, affirming its place in the Russian market and reaching a total of 100 showrooms throughout the world. An important expansion project allowing the Group to reach a significant milestone in the furniture and design sector, which will be continued in the following months.
"The 100 showrooms are just the start. The objective is in fact to open another 40 showrooms in the first half of 2016", confirms Emanuel Colombini, Managing Director of the Colombini Group. "Our next appointments for the new year will also see the participation of the Colombini Group in Eurocucina, with three exhibition spaces dedicated to the three brands, and the fourth edition of MeetingTopPartner, during which our leading one brand Clients throughout the world will be recognised. The indisputable evolution of this product and the constant effort to achieve new objectives are the Group's strong points."

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