Essenza is not only a kitchen that gives the material a leading role thanks to the real wood veneer door, but it is also a modern and flexible furnishing system capable of interpreting any environment with great personality.

Innovative volumes and highly modular structures leave room for creativity, allowing the model to be enriched at will through the use of a wide range of accessories.

Why Choose Essenza?

Inclined bases

In order to increase ergonomics and give character to the composition, sloping base units can be opted for.

Shaped top

Original and tailor-made elements, such as the shaped top, make it possible to exploit surfaces to the maximum, favouring volumes and spaces.

Open elements

The Groove open elements coordinate with the kitchen finishes and allow you to create new volumetric solutions.

Technology in the kitchen

The columns are not only designed for storage, but can also accommodate functional elements such as traditional ovens, microwaves and wine cellars.

Handles grip or handle opening

You can choose between opening with a handle to give character or opening with a handless grip for a style with essential lines.

Corner Living

The model is designed to interact fluidly also with the living space, creating a pleasant synergy between environments.


Rovere bianco

Rovere naturale

Rovere moka

Acacia bianca

Acacia tabacco



Grigio Città

Grigio Oxford



Grigio Fango

Nero intenso

Hot Desert

Rosso Carminio



Blu Petrolio

Verde Cinabro


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