“Evergreen” is the term used to describe a model able to capture all the most important and essential characteristics of a kitchen regardless of trends and periods.

Which is the perfect definition for Linea with its contemporary design and excellent layout flexibility that can grace any room with its simplicity and elegance.

Reasons for choosing Linea


There is a wide range of chairs which can be combined with the model, inspired by current design trends to guarantee maximum functionality and long-term durability.


Practicality is mixed with style through the use of shelves, so everyday objects are transformed into authentic furnishing accessories.

Internal Accessories

The standard supply internal accessories allow you to rationalise the space in each unit to make it accessible and practical.


A sophisticated kitchen with welcoming feel, fitted with solutions that avoid the obvious and highlight the finishes.

Kitchen + Living

The kitchen and living room are variations of the same style even when they feature different surfaces, creating areas which complement each other by providing consistency without being repetitive.

Columns Configuration

The configuration of the tall units allows you to design a key area of the kitchen by deciding which functions to prioritise and thus, plan the layout of the elements around them.

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