Lungomare is not just a simple kitchen, it is a creative concentration of volumes and shapes.

The introduction of single-block elements and the possibility of combining different heights and depths allows you to design, imagine and create truly unique solutions.

Reasons for choosing Lungomare

Plans at different heights

The base units allow you to create configurations with different height tops, just as you can with the wall units combining open units and lowered modules.

Union of Styles

With Classic and Modern Lungomare, prestigious and accessible are adjectives which can easily co-exist creating amazing results.

Home Decor

You also choose from the items in the Idea collection to add a touch of home décor.

Different Grooves

You can opt to add different handles on the wall and tall units.


The Bay open units can be installed either horizontally or vertically in the base and wall units.

Kitchen + Living

The character of the kitchen can also be influenced by structural elements such as the table and chairs.


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