Lungomare, an elegant and sophisticated kitchen that does not renounce characterful solutions and studied touches of colour

The introduction of the new Up78 crate combines aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to the increased internal volume, a better use of the storage space is achieved.

Unique and customisable solutions

Why choose Lungomare

Freedom of composition

The Lytos block is the innovative element within the collection.rn

The elegance of handle-less opening

The absence of handles makes it possible to define the right visual cleanliness of shapes within the composition.

Geometrical elements

The trapezoidal door with its dynamic geometry characterises the composition, which becomes unmistakable thanks to its graphic impact.

Open elements

Bay’s open elements are versatile and can meet different storage needs.

Attentive to all needs

Lungomare also allows you to furnish service areas such as a practical Laundry area.

Family Line Colombini Casa

The Lungomare kitchen can be integrated with all the living systems designed by Colombini Casa.


rosso vivo

rovere natural wood miele

rovere gesso 3

ocra 3

noce gold 2

noce bianco

noce beige

mandorla 3

kaki malta laser

jungle natural

ilice wood 2

grigio titanio 3

grigio oxford

grigio malta laser

grigio londra

grigio fango 2

grigio dorian 3

grigio daytona 2

grigio citta 2

grigio bromo

fusion 2

frassino bianco 2

fossil wood 2

fenix verde commodoro


fenix rosso jaipur

cemento artico 4

fenix beige arizona

cassa grigio acciaio

fenix grigio effeso

cashemere 2

eucalipto 2

canapa opaco

eucalipto argento 2

calacatta 3

cadaques 2

bianco opaco 2

corallo 3

bianco neve 2


vetro grigio fume

vetro semitrasparente telaio alluminio

vetro stopsol telaio nero


acciaio champagne

agave 2

aloe 2

bianco malta laser

vesuv sabbia

grigio seta

stone grey

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