A practical, yet visually attractive kitchen.

The simplicity of the urban atmospheres of Paragon provide ample freedom to create a unique room inspired by your own life style and idea of what the home represents.

An unparalleled space

Reasons for choosing Paragon

Postformed Door

Paragon’s stand-out feature is its post-formed door which can be customised with glossy, matt or textured finishes.

Glass Details

Glass details can be incorporated to create a furnishing style that gives a free rein to imagination with the use of accessories and add-ons.

Multifunctional Columns

The tall units are essential for organising any layout; they house electrical appliances and a handy storage cupboard and can be turned into a bookcase.

Custom Handle

You can opt to configure the door of your Paragon model with a handle or groove system.

Curved Top

Curved countertop and end elements for base and tall units are the key style feature of the model.

Kitchen + Living

The living room is seamlessly coordinated with the kitchen using the Golf finishes and minimal design.


Bianco Opaco

Grigio Titanio


Frassino bianco puro

Frassino Dorian

Ciliegio bianco

Ciliegio nordico


Eucalipto ambra

Cemento Artico

Cemento Masdar

Bianco LUX

Visone LUX

Grigio Dorian LUX

Grigio Oxford


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