A range with versatile shapes is ideal for creating a personalised kitchen in all respects.

Through structures and finishes, Pura can be adapted to interpret the space and enhance the potential of every furnishing project.

Pure and beautiful

Reasons for choosing Pura

Niches Creation

The wall and tall units are the same depth allowing you to create alcoves.

Double Depth

Double unit depth for a highly practical and eye-catching work area.

Kitchen + Living

The Groove open units can be integrated with the kitchen wall or used to create a living room area.

Integrated Groove

Handle integrated into door.

Showcase Wall Units

Wall-mounted display units with aluminium frame, customised with internal LED bars and glass shelves.


Ideal range of finishes for your choice of combinations.


Rovere Antico

Rovere Nocciola

Bianco Ghiaccio

Sabbia Lux

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