Anta con maniglia

The doors with handle represent a classic and versatile choice, an expression of technical skill that blends with the modern and linear style of the model, is comfortable and gives three-dimensionality. Many different handles, available in a wide range of styles, materials and finishes.


Modularity – Up72 and Up78

The increase in the internal volume of the furniture allows for better use of the storage space and greater ergonomic comfort for the user. At the same time, the deeper top guarantees greater usability of the worktops.

Before the earth

The doors of the bases and columns extend to the ground, concealing the plinth, for a more modern, linear and essential environment.


The choice of materials, available in a vast range of variations and finishes, becomes fundamental in the creation of a new kitchen environment.

Composed wall units

The maximum flexibility of the modularity of the wall units in the kitchen is expanded with the proposal of the new 150 and 180 cm single-door modules.

Meta shelves

The clean lines and essential design of the Meta shelves offer a practical space for storing objects, making them suitable for any kitchen style, from the most traditional to the contemporary.

Espace with swing door

Discreet and practical for maintaining a tidy environment and creating a connection between the two areas of the kitchen, the Espace open column with hinged door integrates perfectly with the rest of the environment.

Retro island space

The Espace retro island open compartments increase the three-dimensional nature of the environment, creating useful space for storage and display.

Monolith block

The Monolith Block with its clean lines and sophisticated look is the quintessence of the contemporary kitchen. High thickness top available in different materials.

New peninsula supports

The new peninsula supports represent not only a functional but also an aesthetic evolution, becoming a fundamental detail to define the style and character of the environment.

Pantry & cellar

The new cabins stand out for their ability to create new spaces within a single kitchen environment while performing multiple functions at the same time.

Colonne angolo forno

Le colonne angolo forno sono una soluzione ingegnosa per ottimizzare lo spazio e migliorare l’efficienza in cucina.

Accessori interni e illuminazione

All’interno dei mobili gli accessori possono fare la differenza, come i sistemi per la raccolta differenziata che trasformano lo spazio in una zona efficiente
e pragmatica.

Maniglia Range

La maniglia Range in alluminio diventa un tutt’uno con il resto dell’anta, grazie al suo design elegante e minimalista.

Maniglia Victoria

La maniglia Victoria si distingue per la sua versatilità, sviluppandosi in verticale sulle ante battenti e in orizzontale su cassetti e cestoni.

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