One kitchen, many personalities: the Talea Design, in perfect balance between tradition and modernity, is multifaceted and capable of interpreting as many styles as the tastes of those who choose, for your home, current atmospheres.

Why Choose Talea

Door handle grip

The unique door design conceals the handle inside the upper frame post.

Taste and vintage

The design applied to the glass of the door is designed to perfectly match the vintage style.

Endless combinations

Thanks to the absence of handles, you can furnish your kitchen by mixing the frame door with the smooth doors of the other models in the range.

Corner Living

For all-in-one environments you can create corner living areas in continuity with the same style as the kitchen.

Ensuring coordinated environments

Tables and chairs are coordinated with the rest of the kitchen: the worktop and structures are in the same finishes as the tops and doors.

Family Line Colombini Casa

The INFINITY bookcase by Golf can be used to create a practical room divider.


Bianco zinco


Grigio piombo

Diamond screen-printed glass with wooden frame in the same finishes as the door.

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