In the Dark Barley finish details and inlaysbecome an unmistakable way to impress your style over time.

Armonia is the perfect traditional kitchen to create a rustic, welcoming and refined environment.

Why choose Armonia

Corner cupboard

The corner cabin without base and plinth is the ideal solution if you want to recreate a practical pantry in the kitchen.

Broom cupboard

Each element is designed to optimise the interior space in the best possible way according to order and organisation.

Open elements

The open elements available for bases, columns and wall units give refinement to the composition by creating a spectacular play of solids and voids within the composition.

Romantic details

Elements such as railings and small drawers finish and underline the romantic character of Armonia.

Window with muntin bar

The showcase with muntin bar cannot be missing in a classic, versatile and iconic kitchen environment, it can be used in the wall units, columns and cupboards.

Key players in the classic style

The clock set in the frame of the hood is the protagonist of Armonia’s classic imprint.


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