GOLF・Modern-Style Children’s Rooms

Furnishing with fantasy


In children’s rooms, fantasy dictates the law. Containers, creative systems and colourful accessories help transform even the smallest rooms into real kingdoms, where, as if by magic, anything is always possible.



Flotta system

The multiplying space.

Baia system

Rethinking the space of dreams.

Boiserie Pepita system

The basis of multiple possibilities.

Infinity Library

One project, infinite stories.

BEDROOMS Collection

Play, freedom, fantasy require mixable, dynamic solutions that can be articulated and combined with extreme flexibility. And then reinvented, with personality, in the successive stages of growth. Niches, modular containers, colours, made-to-measure compositions serve this purpose: to create a perfect bedroom today, but also tomorrow.

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Space to fill, space to optimise, space to live: the needs of a children’s room change, from day to night, from one habit to another.
With foldaway desks and multifunctional beds, space becomes mobile, dynamic. To accommodate desires and needs, and always satisfy them in the best possible way.

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To divide. And share. When the family grows or when the doors of the house begin to open to socialising, that is the time to intelligently reorganise the children’s room space. With bunk beds, which can be customised in many different configurations. To optimise and to accommodate. To make “two” a unique experience.

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There is never enough space in a children’s room: toys, books, clothes, accessories. Decks and loft beds give little ones space to play freely, and at the same time space to store all their belongings. Objects that will last the time of a few days or that of an entire childhood. It’s nice to have a place for everything. And to always find everything in its place.

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