In the details of its components lies the secret of its timeless beauty: Midas, a kitchen made to last.

From decorations to accessories, from complements to typical traditional elements, furnishing will be a pleasant journey to discover the many potenzialities of the classic.

Why choose Mida

Wooden door

The finishes of Mida’s wooden doors are an expression of a very eclectic classic style: from traditional classic to contemporary.

Open element

Carvings and decorations define a romantic style also through the open top elements with shelves and slatted back.


The most operative areas can be customised by choosing from the many proposals. Each element, even the most functional, will impress with the care devoted to every detail, such as the platform with slatted back and front frame.

Alba breakfast counter.

An island does not only mean a lot more worktop, but also an opportunity for new convivial spaces, such as the practical Alba breakfast counter.

Integrated portal

The work bases can be configured with an advanced body to define scenic operating niches thanks to the veil and the hood portal integrated in the composition.

Double opening wall unit

The double-opening wall unit is an ideal solution for finishing compositions with a side view, guaranteeing practicality in daily use.


Naturale Bianco

Naturale Avorio

Naturale Dorian

Naturale Verde

Rovere Crudo


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