Segno interprets contemporary furnishing trends to perfection thanks to its characteristic door with a metal handle applied at the top that provides a minimalist design and an ergonomic grip.

In line with the principle of maximum customisation, the handle profile is available in four finishes that can be coordinated with the groove to create harmonious and homogeneous compositions.

The Night&Day, Golf, and Volo collections offer standard finishes that create a lively dialogue between the kitchen, living and sleeping areas. This instils a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of well-being. The design features essential lines, precise geometries, and infinite freedom of composition, enhancing every functional and space requirement with style.


Door with handle profile

Segno’s door features a metal handle profile applied at the top and is available in White, Aluminium, Champagne, and Black finishes to coordinate with the groove.

Lowered door

The lowered door almost reaches the floor to conceal the plinth and give solutions in perfect connection with the living area.

Lighting Below

Applicable to grooves and plinths, the Below LED lighting enhances the kitchen by creating unique, enveloping atmospheres.
The lighting is controlled via wireless, radio, or connection to the home system.

Totem peninsula support

Totem is peninsula support that surprises and gives dynamism to the kitchen environment thanks to its colour and essentiality that guarantees its customised modularity.

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